Blog Posts in July, 2012

  • DHS Outlines Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process

    The Department of Homeland Security today provided additional information on the deferred action for childhood arrivals process during a national media call in preparation for the August 15 implementation date. On June 15, 2012, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano announced that certain young people who came to the United States as children and meet other key guidelines may be ...
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  • USCIS Introduces the Multilingual Resource Center

    USCIS has introduced a new Multilingual Resource Center that centralizes the USCIS’s foreign languages resources. This site will allows people to access information on the USCIS application process and many other frequently asked questions in a variety of languages. In an effort to make this new feature as useful as possible, the USCIS has expanded its content and now provide certain documents and ...
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  • Workload Transfer from Service Centers to Field Operations

    Workload Transfer from Service Centers to Field Operations USCIS wants to notify customers and stakeholders that some work that USCIS performs at the four USCIS service centers (Vermont, Nebraska, Texas and California) will be transferred to a Field Office or the National Benefits Center (NBC) in order to balance the overall workload with processing capacity. The chart below summarizes these ...
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  • DOS Online Resource to Calculate Visa & Interview Wait Times

    Advance travel planning and early visa application are important. If you plan to apply for a nonimmigrant visa to come to the United States as a temporary visitor, please review the information provided below. Then select the U.S. Embassy or Consulate where you plan to apply for specific wait time information, which includes: The typical wait time to receive an interview appointment to apply at a ...
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  • AAO Endorses Cross-Cultural P-3 Petitions

    The AILA FACES Committee (Fashion, Athletics, Culture, Entertainment, and Science) recently discussed the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)’s decision addressing cross-cultural P-3 petitions. The USCIS Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) recently issued a precedent decision addressing the meaning of “culturally unique” in the P-3 context. Matter of Skirball Cultural Center , 25 I&N Dec. ...
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  • International Visitors to the U.S. Spent Record $13.9 billion in May, Helping Support U.S. Jobs

    Tourism is America’s number one service export, and today we have even more evidence that America is indeed open for business. New data released by the U.S. Commerce Department today shows that international visitors spent nearly $14 billion on travel to, and tourism-related activities within, the United States in May — $1 billion more than was spent in May 2011 — marking 29 straight months of ...
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