Blog Posts in December, 2016

  • USCIS Increase in Fees

    On December 23, 2016, USCIS will increase the filing fees for many immigrant and nonimmigrant petitions. Applications and petitions postmarked or filed on or after December 23, 2016, must include these new fees or USCIS will reject the submission. Please find below a chart of fee increases for commonly filed petitions: Immigration Petition New Fee Old Fee I–129/129CW Petition for a Nonimmigrant ...
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  • Filing for Permanent Residency as a Refugee

    Refugees and asylees seeking shelter and sanctuary in the United States seem to be at the top of every headline in recent weeks as the conflict in Syria rages on. While many citizens wonder if the refugees will be forced to leave, the refugees themselves need to start thinking about how they can legally stay. Although it might not be common knowledge, people who have been refugees or held asylum ...
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  • Trump Administration's Immigration Plan Resembles 9/11 NSEERS Policy

    Donald Trump’s presidential campaign lost and gained voters over the divisive topic of immigration law reform. In late 2015, when the now-President-elect was first starting to catch major attention, the proposed idea was a blanket ban on all Muslims attempting to enter the country from many Middle-East nations. By the time Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, the plan had been curtailed and ...
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