Blog Posts in June, 2012

  • Microsoft's Solution for Immigration Reform

    Microsoft’s Solution for Immigration Reform Microsoft has proposed what it considers a win-win solution for the shortage of high-tech workers in the US: charge employers high fees, as high as hundreds of millions of dollars, to hire more skilled workers from overseas and use the revenue generated to fund US schools with educational training so that those jobs can eventually filled by Americans. ...
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  • USCIS H-1B Quota Adjudication Delays

    USCIS H-1B Quota Adjudication Delays Petitioning for an H-1B cap candidate is not an easy task for employers. Most employers have to especially plan or postpone projects for their cap-subject international specialty workers. Furthermore, most employers who do sponsor H-1B petitions are not large corporations but small businesses, with few employees, start-up ambitions, and most importantly, small ...
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