Blog Posts in December, 2017

  • What to Expect During the Naturalization Process

    Naturalization is the process through which someone who is not born in the United States becomes a U.S. citizen. From start to finish, this process can take months or even years, and each step is instrumental in achieving your ultimate goal—becoming a U.S. citizen. Below, we explain each step and what you can expect. Determining Eligibility Before you apply, you must first determine whether or not ...
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  • The Fate of DACA Hinges on Year-End Spending Deal

    With Congress leaving Capitol Hill in just under two weeks, the fate of nearly 700,000 immigrants hangs in limbo. Democrats in the Senate now must decide if they want to add protections for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program as a condition of their support for what is viewed as a “must-pass” spending bill. Their other option is to kick the issue to next year where they have ...
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  • How Does U.S. Citizenship Through Parents Work?

    There are two ways to obtain U.S. citizenship through one’s parents. The first is at birth, while the second is after birth but before reaching the age of 18. A person’s parents can include: genetic fathers, genetic mothers, and non-genetic gestational mothers. In general, a child born outside the U.S. can become a citizen at birth if: Both of their parents were married to each other at the time ...
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  • 3 Facts About Immigration You Need to Know

    Immigration has always been a sensitive subject, but in recent years it has flown to the forefront of political and social conversations across the country. Between news outlets, social media, online articles, and daily conversation, you’ve likely heard true and false statements about immigration on a regular basis. So, what do you really need to know about immigration? With information on ...
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  • Preparing for a Visit from ICE: What You Need to Know

    With immigration raids and round-ups increasing throughout the country, it is important for undocumented individuals and their families to be aware of what their rights are in the event that they are ever visited by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). In this blog, we explain what you can expect and what you should during an ICE visit. When ICE officers are at your door, ask them if they ...
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