Blog Posts in November, 2017

  • Things to Avoid When Applying For a Green Card

    Applying for a green card is an important place for many immigrants to begin their journey to citizenship in the U.S. The process isn’t an easy one, however, and mistakes can cause your application to be rejected. A rejected application can mean unnecessary time and expense while the issue is corrected. Here are some of the most common mistakes that are made on green card applications. Missing ...
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  • Surviving Immigration During a Period of Uncertainty

    Now more than ever, immigration is a hot topic across various countries in the world, especially in the United States. As an immigrant, you are like concerned about your status in this country, even if you are here legally. It seems as though every day, there is a new immigration order, potentially threatening your rights to stay here lawfully. This is why our legal team wants to ensure you are ...
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  • Criminal Convictions that Result in Deportation

    As an immigrant, there are certain crimes that will make you subject to removal proceedings, even if you are a green card holder . Even if there is only evidence that you committed a crime, you may find yourself in removal proceedings. Immigrants are at the greatest risk of deportation if they are convicted of a “crime of moral turpitude” or an aggravated felony. Crimes of Moral Turpitude The ...
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