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Update on Comprehensive Immigration Reform - March 23, 2010

After much criticism from immigration reform advocates, President Obama has pledged to do everything in his power to move forward with immigration legislation. The President stated that an immigration reform bill would be based on Senator Chuck Schumer’s and Senator Lindsey Graham’s outline.

The outline requires illegal immigrants in order to get on track to legal status to admit that they broke the law, pay a fine and back taxes, and perform community service. Illegal immigrants are also required to be proficient in English and pass background checks.

Other parts of the Schumer-Graham outline include:

- Graduates of US Universities with Doctoral or Master’s Degrees in Technology, Science, Math and Engineering will be given legal permanent residence.

- Expansion of enforcement of immigration law and adopting zero tolerance for all illegal immigrants who commit crimes.

- The creation of a flexible immigration system that would allow more low-skilled workers when jobs are available and fewer in a recession.

- Fraud-proof Social Security cards (with a biometric identifier) requirement for all U.S. workers, both citizens and legal immigrants.