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VSC Examiners to Get "Credit" For Issuing an RFE

On February 25, 2010, VSC Director Dan Renaud informed those present at the AILA New England Chapter CLE meeting that there has been a change in the structure of the performance review structure for adjudication officers. In the past, adjudication officers were given credit for the issuance of approvals and denials, a new performance review policy gives adjudication officers credit for issuing Requests for Evidence (RFEs). AILA requested for clarification regarding the “credit” given for the issuance of RFEs. VSC has clarified the USC Director’s statement by stating that the “credit” policy for these RFEs is meant to encourage better quality RFEs. According to VSC , there was concern that because examiners were not given “credit” for RFEs, not enough time was being spent by the examiners on the RFEs, and as a result RFEs that were not appropriate were being issued. The objective behind giving examiners credit for RFEs is to ensure that more time is spent on them and thereby improving the quality of RFEs.

VSC stated that an increase in the number of RFEs is not anticipated, and noted that the RFE rate has remained consistent.