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Haitians Face TPS Uncertainty

Temporary protected status ("TPS") is a temporary immigration status to the United States, granted to eligible nationals of designated countries. In 1990, Congress established a procedure by which the Attorney General may provide TPS to immigrants in the United States who are temporarily unable to safely return to their home country because of ongoing armed conflict, an environmental disaster, or other extraordinary and temporary conditions.

In 2010 the United States offered TPS relief to Haitian nationals as a result of a devastating earthquake. Last October, Hurricane Matthew ripped through the island, causing further destruction. Now the Trump administration is contemplating ending TPS for Haitians instead of extending the program, which is due to expire in July, 2017. 47,000 Haitians have lived in the U.S. under the protection of TPS for more than seven years but may have to face leaving the country. This will not only create hardships for the abovementioned individuals but could result in a loss of a substantial amount of money to the GDP.