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President Signs Bill Increasing H-1B/L-1 Fees

President Obama signed the Emergency Border Security Bill into law on August 13, 2010.

The Emergency Border Security Bill provides funding of $600 million to improve border security on the US-Mexican border. To help pay for the $600 million to improve border security, the Bill increases the filing and fraud prevention and detection fees of H-1B visas by $2,000 and L visas by $2,250 for employers who have more than 50 employees in the US, if more than 50% of their employees are on L or H-1B visas respectively. The filing fee increase ends on September 30,2014.

The H-1B filing fees for affected employers will increase from the present $2,320 to $4,320 and the L-1 filing fee will increase from the present $820 to $3,070.