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6,350 unused H-1B1 for Chile-Singapore in FY2010 added to 2011 H-1B quota

INA Section 214 (g)(8)(B) allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to set aside up to 6,800 visas from the standard H-1B quota for Chile-Singapore H-1B1 users. This reduces the number of visas available to the general H-1B from 65,000 to 58,200. This also allows for the visas that are unused for Chile-Singapore H-1B1’s to be returned to the general H-1B pool at the start of the following fiscal year. The CIS Ombudsman advised AILA that 6,350 H-1B1 numbers went unused in FY2010 and were added to the FY2011 pool. This means that the total number of H-1B visas available to the general H-1B quota for FY2011 is 64,550. As of December 31, 2010, USCIS has accepted 57,300 cap-eligible petitions, which have been approved or are still pending approval. This number does not include denials. Therefore if the 6,350 unused H-1B1 for Chile-Singapore in FY2010 are added to the remaining H1-B visas as of December 31, 2010 being 900 H-1B visa (58,200-57,00), as of date, i.e January 07, 2011 there would be approximately 7,250 H-1B visas available. The actual number of available H-1B visas would be definitely less then 7,250 H-1B visas as there would have been the normal filing of H-1B visas over the last week