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URGENT NOTICE: San Jose USCIS Recalling Incorrect Lawful Permanent Resident Cards (Green Cards)

The San Jose USCIS Office announced that it issued green cards to many family-sponsored permanent residency applicants with an incorrect validity period for ten (10) years, instead of two (2) years. As such, it will be recalling these green cards and will be sending out notices regarding the error. The notices will include instructions on how to exchange the incorrect green cards for the correct ones. Until September 20, 2013, applicants can either mail in the incorrect green cards or exchange them in-person at the San Jose USCIS Office located at 1450 Coleman Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95050. Applicants will be given an interim I-551 stamp in their passport until they receive the corrected green card. After September 20, 2013, Applicants will need to go through ASC (Application Support Center) to get their green cards corrected.

If you have received an incorrect green card with the ten (10) year validity period, please contact our office as soon as possible for assistance.