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Tips for Blanket L Visa Holders

b. At any given Port of Entry, the Blanket L-visa holder must present:

i. Valid visa

ii. Valid petition approval notice

iii. Properly endorsed Form I-129S by a counselor officer

c. Ensure I-129S is properly endorsed with the correct end date for first entry (9 FAM 41.54.N13.6):

i. Consular office must properly endorse all three copies of alien’s Form I-129S

ii. Scan one copy into the case in NIV

iii. Note the approval basis and adjudication date in the “approved as” box

iv. List the validity date from the adjudication date to three years from that date

v. Post or officer stamp with officer’s initials/signature in the “action block”

d. What should the Blanket L-1 visa holder receive:

i. One original and one copy of properly endorsed I-129S from consulate

ii. One endorsed I-129S from CBP officer at the POE upon first entry

e. Extending the L-1 Visa

i. File a petition for extension of status with USCIS

The I-94 Validity

a. Blanket L visa should be admitted for 3 years so long as blanket L visa holder has a passport which will remain valid in that time frame and individual will not exceed the 5 or 7 year limitation

b. What to do if Blanket L Visa Holder Receives an I-94 with Limited Validity not Subject to Any Exception:

a. Contact the NEAREST port of entry (not necessarily the one that issued the I-94)

b. Explain authorized stay was not granted full validity period

c. Request to speak to a supervisor if CBP officer refuses to correct the issue

d. Arrive at deferred inspection office with passport, I-94, endorsed I-129S and Approval Notice for Blanket L-1

Final Tips- Things to Keep in mind BEFORE Reaching Port of Entry for Blanket L-1 visa holders:

a. Always carry valid passport, valid visa, I-129S, copy of I-797 Approval notice for Blanket L Petition

b. Know the amount of time left on beneficiary’s maximum period of admission on H/L status

c. Point out CBP officer’s mistake if beneficiary is admitted for less than three years (or the maximum 5 or 7 year limit)

d. Ask to speak to the supervisor if the corrections are not made