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I-601 Forms Pending With Overseas Offices as of February 29, 2012

I-601 Forms Pending With Overseas Offices as of February 29, 2012

The USCIS has released a chart, please download PDF file, showing overseas completion data for Form I-601, Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility, for February 2012.

Processing time encompasses the period starting the date U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) received the application and ending the date USCIS notified the applicant of the decision. For applications filed overseas with the Department of State where USCIS does not have a presence, reported processing time does not include time taken to transfer the application from the Department of State to USCIS.

Note that the times reflected in the chart show processing times only for completed cases. Thus if you see that 90% of completed cases were finished within 3 months, it means that, of all the cases completed, 90% were finished within 3 months of receipt. Cases pending may have been pending longer than 3 months.

The chart also includes the total number of Forms I-601 filed overseas that were pending as of February 29, 2012, and the total number of cases received and completed during February 2012.

Approximately 75% of all overseas Forms I-601 are filed with the USCIS Field Office in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. This Field Office has a unique process for identifying and approving Forms I-601 that are readily approvable, and then forwarding those cases not found readily approvable to other offices for adjudication.

Processing times shown for cases filed in Ciudad Juarez reflect only completions of
readily approvable cases. Referred cases take longer to process