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Analysis of 2012 H-1B Stats

Analysis of 2012 H-1B Stats

The Office of Foreign Labor Certification has released the following statistics for the H-1B Temporary Visa Program for the fiscal year 2012:

1) A total of 373,808 applications were received.

2) 368,435 determinations were made on the processed applications, of which:

a. 337,359 were certified

b. 20,401 were denied

c. 10,675 were withdrawn

3) In Q4 of FY 2012, 61,683 applications were received.

4) 63,513 determinations were made on the processed applications, of which:

a. 59,334 were certified

b. 2,362 were denied

c. 1,817 were withdrawn

5) Q4 Selected Statistics by Worker Positions Certified:

a. Top 5 Occupations:

i. Computer Systems Analyst (38.340 applications);

ii. Computer Programmers (29, 163 applications);

iii. Computer Occupations, All Other (23,454 applications);

iv. Software Developers, Applications (12,032 applications);

v. Network and Computer Systems Administrators (5,533 applications).

b. Top 5 States:

i. California (29,085 applications)

ii. New York (13,973 applications)

iii. Texas (12, 495 applications)

iv. Illinois (8,308 applications)

v. New Jersey (8,555 applications)

c. Top 5 Employers:

i. Wipro Limited (36,602 applications)

ii. Patni America Inc. (15,780 applications)

iii. iGate Technologies, Inc. (7,808 applications)

iv. Infosys Limited (5,167 applications)

v. PricewaterhouseCoopers (4,630 applications)