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Form I-90 Processing and Adjudication

Processing and adjudication of Form I-90 is now going to be overseen by the National Benefits Center (NBC). There are only two exceptions to the I-90 processing at the NBC: 1) if the applicant chose option b, which states that a Green Card was never received by the applicant, on Form I-90 as the reason for filing or 2) if the applicant chose option d, which states that the card was issued with incorrect information due to USCIS administrative error, on Form I-90 as the reason for filing. If an application is for either of the aforementioned reasons, then those applications will be processed by the Service Center or NBC that has jurisdiction according to the I-90 instructions on the USCIS website.

If an applicant is eligible to file electronically or at the Los Angeles Lockbox, the Lockbox will verify the fee payment. The biometrics appointment for these applicants will be at the ASC with jurisdiction over the applicant’s residence. If the identity of the applicant can be verified by the ASC, then the biometrics and fingerprints for the applicant are processed and the NBC then adjudicates the I-90. If additional evidence is required, an RFE will be sent by the NBC. If an applicant fails to appear for a scheduled ASC appointment and does not reschedule, the I-90 will denied for abandonment 90 days after the appointment date at the ASC.

If the ASC is not able to validate the identity of the applicant or if the Green Card appears to be fraudulent, the I-90 will then be transferred to the Field Office, which has jurisdiction over the applicant’s place of residence, and the Field Office will be responsible for final adjudication of these I-90s. The NBC will work with the Field Offices to ensure that the I-90s with the Field Offices are adjudicated in a timely manner.

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