California Employment Based Visas

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Coming to the United States is a dream that many individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and career paths have in mind, often from a young age. Although it would be wonderful if you could simply buy a flight and move to the U.S., this is not the case. If you are interested in pursuing an employment opportunity or have been offered a job that would bring you to the United States, you will need to hire a California immigration attorney to help you apply for a visa. There is a specific type of visa which is appropriate for employment opportunities, known as an employment based visa. At Verma Law Firm, we are passionate about helping individuals like yourself pursue employment based visas.

There are several different categories for employment based visas, which include:

  • Employment first preference (EB-1): Persons of extraordinary ability in athletics, business, education, arts, science, as well as outstanding researchers and professors, and certain managers or executives.
  • Employment second preference (EB-2): Persons who hold advanced degrees beyond a baccalaureate degree or who have extraordinary ability in business, sciences, and arts who have received a job offer.
  • Employment third preference (EB-3): Persons who hold baccalaureate degrees and work in that profession, or skilled workers who can perform a job requiring extensive training and experience.
  • Employment fourth preference (EB-4): Persons who are a minister of a religion or religious workers, a broadcaster employed by the International Broadcasting Bureau, and specific employees of government groups.
  • Employment fifth preference (EB-5): Persons who are intending to invest or have invested significant capital in a commercial enterprise in the United States.

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